Fluvium is conceptualized to cater to the daring, young, rebellious and free spirited individuals in the Asia Pacific Region. The intersection of combat sports, board sports, art & music lies a culture that is unique, free spirited & uplifting. The rebels & misfits who chose the road less taken to chase their dreams are often shunned by our rigid society. Fluvium as a culture aims to provide the accessories, symbolism & platform to alleviate the stigma surrounding the athletes, musicians & artists and unite their creative minds to facilitate the creation of magic. Through the introduction of the Athlete Development Program and the Artist Athlete Collaboration Program, we aim to identify talented athletes & artists to provide them with the tools & support required to help them succeed.

Our apparel is designed and crafted to symbolize simplicity & creativity, two seemingly disparate styles to produce comfort oriented sylistic products. Products ranging from, BJJ Gi's, rashguards, MMA shorts, spats, mma gloves, shin pads, surf boards, skate boards, yoga mats, etc. often which are hard to source can be found under one roof.

Our environment provides us with the raw material to craft our products & apparel. Fluvium has a sustainable approach and works towards the betterment of the environment. Through sourcing of organic raw materials, recyclable products, etc. wherever possible & carefully designed logistics & reverse logistics processes, we can together aim to reduce our environmental impact.