Artist Athlete Collaboration Program

Fluvium has developed the Artist Athlete Collaboration (AAC) Program to showcase artists, both accomplished and unknown who inspire our generation & constantly push their creative boundaries through their art, be it music, picture or dance. Fluvium identifies with the artists and athletes who are dedicated to sharing with the world their fears, happiness, interests & soul through creative & innovative outlets. As part of the AAC, the artists & athletes are made to meet, brainstorm & draw inspiration from each other to invent ideas & designs that embodies a part of themselves to inspire our culture as athletes & artists are meant to do. With their permission, the designs are then incorporated into our apparel with proceeds of each sale going towards sustaining their art.

There are millions of people in our beautiful country who are great at their sport or famous in their artforms. That is not our primary selection criteria. For us, the motivation to break their limits & continuously push their boundaries to influence our generation is something that excites us. With this program we hope to provide a voice to the artists to spread their creative ideas. If you think you are the right fit for AAC, please email your portfolio and bio to and we will reach out to you.


Aashna Aasif