Winners Bounty


Winners Bounty

You train hard, sweat tonnes, invest time, money and effort into your tournament preparations. It is only fair, that you are compensated for your efforts. That being said, we have launched the first season of the winners bounty program to reward your hard work and effort. The terms are straight forward, simply compete in an eligible BJJ & Surfing tournament, MMA fight, Kickboxing, Boxing or Muay Thai fight wearing eligible fluvium merchandise and place first in the tournament or win your bout and post your picture on social media! We will take care of the rest.


1) Purchase your qualifying gear. Purchases will be verified and must match the name found in tournament results.
2) Compete in an eligible tournament or fight and finish in 1st place or win your bout.
3) Post a photo of yourself on the podium or with your arms raised if its a bout in your Fluvium gear to Instagram & Facebook with the tags #fluviumathlete and #winnersbounty so we can see it!
4) DM us on instagram with your posted picture so you can get paid.


The below list is applicable to Kick Boxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA & Surfing.
1) First in an amateur Tournament: Rs. 500 Gift Card
2) Win an amateur Fight: Rs. 1000 Gift Card
3) Win a professional or international tournament or fight: Rs. 2000 Gift Card

*Maximum a candidate can win is capped at Rs. 3000 /-

Eligible Products

1) Fluvium Prestige Series Rashguard
2) Fluvium Competition Series Shorts
3) Fluvium Flow Series Gi
4) Fluvium Pro Leather Boxing Gloves Laced
5) Fluvium Abstract Rashguard
4) Fluvium Crisp White MMA/Kickboxing Shin Guards
4) Fluvium Abstract 2 in 1 Shorts

Eligible Tournaments

1) JJIF Nationals
2) GFI Nationals
3) IBJJF Tournaments
4) ADCC Tournaments
5) Covelong Point Surf Festival
8) Grappling Industries
9) Covelong Point Surf Festival
10) Matrix Fight Night
11) X1 International
12) Kumite League

Any other international tournament or bout with results available online. Please note, the decision to include any other tournament solely lies with the fluvium team.
*There should be a minimum number of 3 competitors from a tournament in order to claim the reward.